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Exclusive Audio Conversation With Dutch Avant-Garde Black Metal Band Dodecahedron

Infernal Dominion, India presents yet another exclusive conversation for your enlightenment, this time with Dutch avant-garde black metal luminaries Dodecahedron who have been making waves with their ground breaking self titled debut album which unleashed a bizarre mixture of sound synthesis influenced with modern contemporary classical composers like Ligeti and electronic composers like Jaap Vink; and dissonant, harrowing black metal which was a means to create sounds which were abysmal and extremely unnerving.

I got in touch with their guitarist/composer Michel Nienhuis and vocalist/lyricist Michiel Eikenaar for this mind-numbing, almost one and a half hour long intense conversation about various topics ranging from DDCHDRN's impressive aesthetic/concept, lyrical and musical visions, philosophy, religion and most importantly the basis of creative freedom in art.

If you are seeking for intelligent, unabridged and enlightening conversations rather than an average, cliched 'metal' interview, then this is what you should listen to. Not for the close-minded!

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Nightbringer - Hierophany of the Open Grave

Full Length, August 2011
Season of Mist

Colarado's visionary entity Nightbringer has been delivering a fierce brand of occult, esoteric black metal since a few years now. While they started off circa 1999, their debut album wasn't unleashed before 2008. The next full length entitled as ''Apocalypse Sun'' saw the light of day in 2010 and it was my first brush with the band's sonic alchemy. Honestly I wasn't too impressed with it upon my first few listens and decided to move on. Enter 2011 and the band delivered a new album entitled as ''Hierophany of the Open Grave'', within a mere gap of a year and few months. I was skeptical but still decided to give it a shot and didn't contemplate my decision because it changed my opinion about the band's music. It wasn't an easy listening experience because of the complex nature of the album but it eventually grew on me after several attentive plays. This experience may be paralleled with the sense of revelation one exults in, while re-reading a long lost book that had failed to create an impression due to the lack of understanding or inattentiveness.

'Hierophany' is certainly not your average, run of the mill black metal album which could be listened casually; while simultaneously grumbling that a certain riff was repeated for the umpteenth number of time. It is an hour long collection of alchemical and allegorical hymns crafted with intricate detail and meticulous labor. Benjamin Vierling's impeccable artwork acts as an enthralling visual medium in depicting the grandeur of the album concept which constitutes a suave depiction of a spiritual mortification symbolized by the alchemical nigredo in ''which one dies to one's profane sense of self, withdrawing from sensorial exteriority to be reborn within''. Nightbringer's conceptual profundity has always been spiritually rooted in the fathomless depths of the self and its synonymy with 'death'. 'Death' has often been depicted as a 'female' in their allegorical poetry which according to certain Left Hand Path techniques, is used as a force of sexuality which deals with transcendence of the self. The themes of 'death' here do not merely deal with the physical end of the body; they emphasize on the importance of spiritual transcendence through a gate of transition which goes beyond the conditioned existence of oneself.

The psalms presented on this release definitely do justice in portraying the mysticism of the lyrical aesthetic. Unlike many of the ordinary black metal bands/projects around, Nightbringer have always offered something majestic and unique. Hierophany is the epitome of their inimitability as it marks a lethal progression of the band's caustic and dissonant soundscape's. The compositions present on this release are extremely well carved, with a great attention to atmospheric details and instrumental complexity. Albeit the technicalities have not played an abhorrent obstacle in making the album compelling and noteworthy. They have actually enchanced the esoteric fervor of the music and the experience while listening to this sonic malevolence could be paralleled with the assessment of any masterpiece by Beksinski. Both of them are surreal and intensly rich in detail, yet they are able to strike a chord with the viewer/auditor after an in depth analysis. This is the quintessence of art and very few are able to relate with it.

Production values are superb and the overly trigerred drum sound of 'Apocalypse Sun' is gone. The guitars and bass parts were recorded by the band themselves and that is what makes them sound so exuisite. Compositionally, this is the band's finest attempt in harmonizing the dynamic tempo changes, massive tremolo picking and thunderous blast-oriented percussion which was present in their first two full lengths. Earlier, the song lengths were a cause of worry due to their somewhat tedious and over ambitious nature at times but these minor flaws have been corrected on the new album. Arcane melodies, acoustics, mid paced atmospheric segments and a proficient drumming assault make this album a grand affair. Naas Alcameth and Nox Corvus' fierce dual guitar/vocal assaults are inherently harrowing and enthralling. The combination of mid pitched growls a la Funeral Mist (albeit not as savage in their delivery) and demonic shrieks/howls works wonders in creating the required essence for the music. Their tremolo picked patterns are much intriguing and effective than ever and several odd pinch harmonics are also spread throughout.  Corvus and VJS have also done a commendable job on the percussion which is varied and more organic sounding.

Interestingly, ar-Ra'd al-Iblis (Acrimonious, Matrcide) has also contributed lyrics and vocals on the album. Musical dexterity hasn't been compromised for the sake of appealing newer listeners but it has only been improved with well crafted detail. This quality is rather absent from many of the newer releases I usually come across and that is why Nightbringer have carved a niche in the black metal paradigm with a release as baleful yet artistic as this.

Their brand of music is way ahead from what US generally offers and is more synonymous with what the French visionaries Deathspell Omega have been doing since the past few years. Although both their sounds are unique and unparalled, the area which both of them coincide is their arduous manifestation of black metal as an art form; something which has not been done on an appreciable scale. But the true virtue of art is the fact that it is able to stand the test of time, whereas the feeble entities perish in agony. 'Hierophany of the Open Grave' will be a testament of this virtue in the coming years as people shall slowly and gradually comprehend and appreciate the bodeful aura which it emanates. Followers of the current 'orthodox' and occult black metal scenario must take notice, as this album is almost tailor-made for your requirements. Others may stick to their nonsensical and juvenile trash, which is unfortunately branded and propagated as 'music' or 'art' these days.

Originally written for ''In Blackest of Hate#2''

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Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations

Full Length, January 2011
The Ajna Offensive
Negative Plane is undoubtedly, one of the finest band's which the American black metal dungeon has spawned in this era. Their debut ''Et in Saecula Saeculorum'' had caused a stir in the underground 'scene' on the time of its release and not without a good reason.
Now their sophomore album entitled as ''Stained Glass Revelations'' appeared out of nowhere early last year and again appeased their fans and new listeners with its novel approach towards black metal. It invokes surreal dimensions from the 'negative plane's' of an unfathomable abyss. A befitting band name indeed.

Few albums have the charm of enchanting and horrifying the listener on the first listen itself and this is one of them. Listening to it is an extremely compelling and painstaking experience because the amount of attention it demands is overwhelming. Imagine that you have been transported to a void, where there is absolute nothingness or 'shunyata' and ghoulish sounds are dragging you deep within the invisible portals of that chasm. There is absolutely no escape as the harder you try to venture out, the deeper you get dragged into it.

This is what ''Stained Glass Revelations'' could do to you if you are willing to admire the majestic grandeur which it possesses. The unholy trio of Negative Plane have successfully weaved a web of magic with their meticulously etched instrumentation. Dark, cavernous passages of doom and medieval horrors are presented by the reverbrating guitar feedbacks which are enriched with a psychedelic menace. Apparently, the band spent years in writing these songs with due attention and care and that is why they were able to unleash such intense structures. Note that the band's aim wasn't to compose a complex song structure just for the heck of it. Every single note present on the album makes perfect sense and it would be understood only after several attentive listens. Nameless Void's raspy and almost 'spoken-word' vocal delivery is even more reverb laden than the debut and it works fabulously in enchancing the overall mood of the music. Clean vocals are also mixed with these creepy howls on tracks like ''Angels of Veiled Bone'' and ''All Souls''.

Another good surprise was the presence of bass, an instrument whose potential is not usually exploited in many of the modern releases. The bass is not merely present here but it does a lot of the talking, as it supports NV's excellent guitar passages while acting as a sort of rhythm guitar itself. It kind of reminded me of the suberb bass presence on StarGazer's last release ''A Great Work of Ages''.

But it is N.V.'s avant-garde and artistic approach towards the guitar melodies and leads which has raked in most of the moolah. The guitar work has been often compared to 70's pyschedelic rock, kraut rock and even surf rock, while still being rooted in the aesthetics of first wave black metal. While I wouldn't completely agree with these comparisons, I would not them either. The band has always stated their major influences in their interviews which are legends like Master's Hammer, Mercyful Fate, Ved Buens Ende, Mortuary Drape and even doom metal like Black Hole and Death SS (with Paul Chain). I think that the nearest comparison which should be drawn with Stained Glass is Martyrium's underrated classic ''L.V.X Occulta''. After listening to both albums together, it makes perfect sense about Negative Plane's immediate influence for this album. Both the albums present an almost similar atmospheric weirdness, with deeply echoed vocals and muffed up, reverbrating guitars and muddy drums.

It is highly commendable of the band to present such a perfect mixture of various elements while not sounding mundane or uninspired. Classical instruments like bells, piano and organs have also been used to create somber instrumentals which have been arranged perfectly amid the swathing darkness of the main compositions. Negative Plane have manifested these macabre sounds with panache and delivered one of the most important extreme metal albums of the modern era. This album is already a classic but its important would grow incessantly in the coming years and if the band continues to deliver such balefully orchrestraed works of art, then nothing can stop them in being crowned as the forerunners of their sub-genre. So if you are willing to enter the abyssal realms of this occult gem, then do not waste more time and treat yourself with its impeccable splendor.

Originally published in ''In Blackest of Hate#2''

Friday, March 30, 2012

Adustum - Searing Fires and Lucid Visions

Full Length, October 2011
World Terror Committee

''Searing Fires and Lucid VIsions'' is the debut offering by this relatively new and obscure Belgian black metal horde called 'Adustum'. It was released by the infamous World Terror Committe during October 2011. 
My first experience with their music was through a sample which I had heard through some thread on NWN! forums last year and it had certainly appealed me. A few months later, I received the promo CD for an extensive review and that really made me curious about the adversarial currents which this young horde had to offer through their craft.
Adustum is latin for ''set fire'', ''light'', ''kindle'' etc. and the name really suits the Qlipothic energies which this album has channeled through its sonic rituals. The opus begins with the splendid ''V.O.H.I.R. - Exvocatium Daemonicus'' which is a hymn meant to conjure the inner daemon within your spiritual embodiment. This ritual's verses have been conjured in an allegorical manner and a profound study of them indicates that they are directing towards creating your own daemon through ritual invocation. 
''ÏAÏ Daemon!
Salutifer - you are me!
Daemon - I am you!
Entwined become, many and none.

Symbiotic releaver, you've shown me to the way to extatic liberation.
Khaotic redeemer, I now cast you back from this shell into thy haven''

The second hymn on the opus ''Ravenous Copulation Upon Her Altar of Catamenia'' is another interesting tale about a malignant copulation with the serpent, the harlot, the aduletrous woman - Reshut ha-Rabbim to obtain wisdom and power. 
''Uttering the names of Damnation
Eating Her cunt of red pettles.
Moaning those verbs of coronation,
when devoured by Her emanation.
Furosiosly devouring her body,
submerged in the ashes of Reshut ha-Rabbim.

Drowning Her in semen, thus closing the circle,
Nine others, are revealed.
And you, my whore, are worshipped & revered.''

The third hymn ''The Eulogy of One Through Three Times Three'' is perhaps the most allegorical and lengthiest one on the opus, clocking around 11 minutes. Apparently it delves deeper into the metaphysical gardens of the Qlipoth and talks about the Kelipah and Choronzon. These lyrics are open to interpretation and followers of the Qliphotic Qabalah would probably comprehend its essence. 
''I see now the bends and amends of Choronzon as my guide.
To devour your harnessed slither and partake of limitless strenghth there in.
Disposing of feeble skin and awakening the Beast of Sin.''

Finally the grand opus comes to and end with the final hymn ''Psalm CLVI - The Rites of Lunar Blood'' which is a ritual to invoke Babalon - The Scarlet Woman, The Great Mother, or the Mother of Abominations. It is my favorite and perhaps the best creation on ''Searing Fires..''. This hymn clocks around 9 minutes and includes some impressive ritualistic percussion, over exotic and almost oriental sounding guitar rhythms; hence enriching the esoteric atmsophere on the opus.

''From the remnants of the Fallen Empire of Two Streams, under Crescent Moon, you are the unquenchable Star of Aeons and Temptress of all who wander freely and obsessively for Your Wisdom, Magick and Perfection, as an Envoy of Therion, and Guardian of Venus.''

After several attentive listens and dissemination of their lyrical content and aesthetic which I have presented above, I can easily declare that Searing Fires and Lucid Visions is one of the better black metal albums which I have heard in a while. This is black metal executed in the way it should be. Esoteric, spiritual and underground. Of course, everybody has their own definition of black metal but for me, this is the kind of art I prefer listening to. The instrumental execution on the album is fluent and its apparent that the members know their music and have persevered to create their own path by being influenced by the adversarial gnosis. If you are an admirer of occult, ritualistic black metal a la Ofermod, old Glorior Belli, Nefandus etc. then this is an album which you must obtain. Their musical influences are apparent but what makes this album worthwhile is the fact that they have been able to present their ideas in their own, unique manner, hence giving a great kick-start to their creative energies. The pslams reflect devotion and spiritual ascension and are well played without being redundant and uninspired. They are easily memorable and possess a great charm. However the only shortcoming on the album is that its length is very short for a being categorized as a full length. The album booklet could have been better and more comprehensible too. But these are minor flaws which I am sure that the horde would certainly improve on for their future works. 
Obtain a copy of the album and immerse yourself in the grand occult demenaor which it emanates! 

Official Temple of Adustum:

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Revenge (Can) - Scum.Collapse.Eradication

Full Length, February 2012
NWN! Productions/Osmose Productions

'Scum.Collapse.Eradication' was one of the most anticipated albums in 2011 but it saw the light of day only during February 2012 due to numerous delays. But sometimes I prefer to abide by the old proverb which says that - ''patience bears a sweet fruit''. 
Although the 'fruit' which this long wait bore was nothing close to being 'sweet' but was in fact ominous and gnarly. I was expecting the album to sound monstrous from the short samples posted on Youtube a few months back and when the NWN! bandcamp posted a full song stream, I knew that something devastative was impending on us. While I was saddened with the unfortunate exit of Pete Helmkamp - one of my favorite frontmen, from the Revenge camp, his departure brought no harm to the integrity and aesthetic of the band. Chris Ross was still there to assist James Read during the album recording and they roped in the malicious Haasiophis from Antediluvian on session bass and backing vocals for live shows. Brutal and stronger than ever. 

Now, this has to be the heaviest sounding album which Revenge have ever produced. The mastering task was suavely accomplished by the infamous Necromorbus Studios and they did a great job there. The guitars are high up in the mix and they complement the drum production perfectly. Vocals are appropriately mixed as well, hence complementing the instrumental mix suavely. This filthy juggernaut consists of eight blistering tracks with an overall duration of around 35 minutes and is certainly capable of keeping an alarmed listener hooked to it right from the first track to the end. The first thing which struck me on the album was an apparent death/grind/goregrind vibe a la old Carcass and Last Days of Humanity. Well, this so-called 'bestial black metal' sub-genre has always been a filthy mixture of death/grind and 80's style black metal, so I am not making a 'eureka' statement with the above mentioned examples. But this time, the grind element is more vitriolic than ever and this is what makes this album such a massive splurge of deafening audio violence. The guitar tone is abrasive and absolutely massive, hence manifesting Revenge's trademark wall of sound with panache. Ross has perfectly executed the required style of guitar-play to create the sonic avalanche which engulfs the listener from the very first riff. J.Read has unleashed his trademark gut wrenching shrieks and mixed them with necrotic pitch-shifted gurgled vomits, which really remind me of classic LDoH, and some other typical goregrid. Such was the impact that I was compelled to revisit albums like ''The Sound of Rancid Juices Slashing Around Your Coffin'' and ''Reek of Putrefaction/Symphonies of Sickness'' to appropriately understand my contemplation's.

Furthermore, I was happily surprised to notice the presence of doom-laden riffs on tracks like ''Us and Them (High Power)'', ''Parasite Gallows (In Line)'' and ''Banner Degradation (Exile or Death)'' which are three of the best tracks from the album. Well I shouldn't say that it was really that surprising to me, because the Revenge duo had participated in the Thergothon tribute album entitled as "Rising of Yog-Sothoth", covering ''Elemental'' while the legendary Axis of Advance were still active. So who knows, they might have gotten an urge to experiment with some doom on this album. Although this element is minimally present, it really makes their sound even more brutal and sick. 
The strongest highlight on the album is still the triumphant drumming prowess of James ''steamroller'' Read. This man has always had a distinct, trademark drumming style which makes him stand apart from the rest. The rolls/fills executed by him are frenetic and they sound like a bloody earthquake! Mixed with his furious blast-beats, they make a complete package, perfect to give you an eargasm. I have always enjoyed listening to his stellar drumming performances on old Revenge/Conqueror/Axis of Advance albums and he has done the trick once again. The snare/tom sound is absolutely crunchy and organic like always and that has been a great factor in highlighting Read's percussive demeanor. 

So, us, minions of Satan can easily comprehend the impact which these deranged Canadians have made through their fourth and probably their most accomplished onslaught till date. I still hail ''Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist'' as my favorite Revenge album, because that was how I was introduced to their might but maybe this opinion can soon change with repeated listens of Scum.Collapse.Eradication. As the name suggests, this album is capable enough of eradicating weak filth with the sepulchral aura which it possesses. It emanates a nauseous odour which reeks of disgust, vileness and an immense hatred for humanity and hence clearly displays the mark of Superion with which Revenge has been conquering the feeble since more than a decade now. This is not just a metal album meant to bang your heads, but this is sheer..revenge and war against the frail. Attain this album, if you share a similar ideology and are seeking a grimy assault of atonal chaos, manifested within black metal. 

Sample Track:

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Esoteric - Paragon of Dissonance

Full Length, Season of Mist 
November 2011

Funeral doom is a genre which is often looked on with skepticism by the general metal crowd. It is certainly an acquired taste and is meant only for the one’s who carry an appreciation for slow and tormented sound-scapes which portray woefulness and disgust. It really is the ‘underground of the underground’ and only a handful of such entities are actually able to portray these somber emotions through their music.
The mighty Esoteric from Great Britain is one such entity which has been delivering ground breaking albums, instrumental in forming a stellar backbone of extreme doom metal from the last two decades. Delivering such quality music without compromise for such a long time is no joke, lads. They were influenced by the sepulchral aura which bands like Autopsy, Winter or Cathedral possessed but their personal wish was to create something more experimental and dark which shall never conform to any established boundaries. Ever since the release of their colossal debut ‘’Epistemological Despondency’’, Esoteric have been churning such experimental and extremely well carved releases for doom metal aficionados all over the globe.
‘’Paragon of Dissonance’’ is the band’s sixth studio full length and it will be released by the reputed Season of Mist records as a double CD feature, like most of their albums with the exceptions of  ‘’Metamorphogenesis’’ and ‘’Subconscious Dissolution Into the Continuum’’. It was one of my most anticipated albums this year and I am glad that my patience bore such a sweet fruit. I didn’t knew what more to expect after the massive ‘’The Maniacal Vale’’ left such a lasting impression on me. I owe a lot to that album for keeping me sane during an abominable period last year, where I had to deal with the unexpected demise of my father. That turbulent phase would have killed me from within if I didn’t have ''The Manical Vale''’s oppressive cacophonies extinguishing those scars which were marked forever on my soul.
I was astounded to see how the music reflected the exact feelings which I had at that time and it clearly left a lasting imprint on my existence. It left me asking for more and since then I started counting days for the release of ‘’Paragon of Dissonance’’.
After all the wait, I felt extremely ecstatic when I finally I received it from Greg and hurried to push the play button on my system. Lo and behold! The album opener called ‘’Abandonment’’ started with a massive riff whose heaviness could shy any death metal band around. I couldn’t believe what I heard as those psychotic guitar leads created a psychedelic miasma of impending gloom in my brain. It was such a monstrous cohesion of majestic leads and terrifying rhythms that my head shook in disbelief. My puny brain pondered a deep thought and asked a question from myself which read – ‘’How could something like this be even created?’’
Seriously, it left such a profound impact on me that I had to push the repeat button several times to ‘believe’ that my brain was ACTUALLY reverberating what was being played by my music player. This track itself consists of so many monumental sections, that you could easily start calling the album as a masterpiece without even waiting for the rest of it to follow. The dissonant yet melodic lead at the 6:00 minute mark might be one of the best moments in music which I have heard yet. Enter 10:00 and you get yet another stellar transition which envelops your mind with a double bass/lead laden frenzy and exits horrifyingly with a noisy outro which lasts for more than a minute. And this was only the first song!

‘’Loss of Will’’ started with a mournful piano introduction backed with slow martial drumming and wailing guitars. It was a subtle transition from the bombastic sounds which ‘’Abandonment’’ had unleashed. But it still painted a sorrowful image with its monochromatic and despondent nature.
‘’Cipher’’ started beautifully with a dexterously crafted lead which continued further to merge with an intense mid-paced section which boasted of hypnotic palm muted riffs and a crunchy double bass drum pattern to complement one another, before merging into another melodic lead. The rest of the track slowed down with the lead on 5:00 doing the talking for the rest 3-4 minutes, until it got devoured by a magnificent noisy ambiance which brought a grand closure to this stupendous track.
Three tracks down and ‘’Paragon of Dissonance’’ had already announced itself a worthy successor to ‘’The Maniacal Vale’’. After this, I couldn’t fathom what the rest of this opus had to offer.
If I wasn’t already exhausted with the combined might of ''Abandonment'', ''Loss of Will'' and ''Cipher''; ‘’Non Being’’ furthered my butt-kicking with an absolutely surreal introduction. A cosmic ambiance had enveloped my brain as the grandeur of its opening three minutes created a sorrowful atmosphere with the signature wailing of the lead guitars and ambiance. The next few minutes were encompassed with the guitars shredding mournful leads, something which is rather unheard of in a ‘funeral doom’ album. But then, Esoteric never restricted their art to the conventions of this genre. It felt as if I was listening to a guitar virtuoso playing the most depressive and haunting leads ever.
The rest of the track followed with mid-paced atmospheric rhythms until the incessantly heavy segment at 11:40 appeared. The triple guitar attack acted effectively in crafting an unfathomably heavy and down-tuned riff which plodded for the next few minutes. It felt as if I was being dragged into a maelstrom of sounds which were coming from deep within the earth, waiting hungrily to devour me as a whole. I had to put this track on repeat especially to experience the unbelievable last few minutes.
‘’Aberration’’ began with a sinister and dissonant guitar lead which was very abrasive in nature. It paved way for more progressive leads, whose intense nature reminded me of ‘’Caucus of Mind’’ from ‘’The Maniacal Vale’’. The later half of the track displayed more enrapturing leads which this album revels in. I was somewhat reminded of ‘’Ignotum per Ignotius’’ during the last half and was intensely satisfied with the surreal songwriting prowess which these lads had unleashed so far.
‘’Disconsolate’’ turned out to be yet another juggernaut of all the worthy ingredients which this colossal album had already explored. It started with a soothing atmospheric lead, backed with a gracious ambiance and then changed its tempo to a more mid-paced death/doom juncture. The guitar work has been extravagant here and it is even more varied and intense than ''Abandonment''. I couldn’t even gasp for air, while my jaw was being dropped after every passing moment on this whole track. This hallucinating experience was increased manifolds when the tremendous outro, reigning in a prodigious solo a la ‘’Circle’’ appeared.

Finally this epochal album neared its grand finale with ‘’A Torrent of Ills’’ which turned out to be the perfect choice for finishing the proceedings on ‘’Paragon’’. It was instrumental in evoking a doleful sound which could be easily complemented with ‘’The Scream’’ by Edward Munch as both these wonderful pieces of art depict a cathartic display of human emotions being ravaged by scene’s of chaos and desolation.
It took me a while to feel my pulse again after feeling like a lifeless embodiment of mortal horrors once I had finished my first listening experience of this monumental album. My whole body shivered with the feverish chills which had accumulated after this pensive apprehension. Words might not be able to describe what I had felt and it took me almost three weeks to get into the helm of this magnum opus and only now I felt in a position to jot this assessment for you all.
Esoteric have proved to be the flag bearers of extreme doom metal once again with this release and it would take several aeons for any band to come close to their might. They have been an example for many but only a few could actually dare to embark on a similar journey as them; a journey which goes far beyond the realms of infinity and explores such cryptic horizons which can only be deciphered and relished by a chosen few. There is only one astute entrance into this continuum where your sanity shall be crumbled and there is no escape from the cosmic horrors which constitute it.
If you happen to be among those who want to experience an unwholesome and spiritually altering aural voyage, then this is where you should begin. 


The Band:
Greg Chandler - Vocals, Guitar
Mark Bodossian - Bass
Joe Fletcher - Drums
Jim Nolan - Guitar

Official Website:

Monday, October 31, 2011

AVICHI: Hell, Absolute

AVICHI’s 2007 debut ‘The Divine Tragedy’ was certainly a monumental release. Four years later, in 2011, ‘The Devil’s Fractal’ reveals an even greater depth to Avichi’s soul entity, Aamonael’s great work. It is a journey through Aamonael’s own divine hell; where he is both God and the Devil, the light and the dark, the all and the nothing, the Absolute. Infernal Dominion’s Clavdia Adimiron recently conducted an interview with Aamonael. In his own words…

Greetings Aamonael. Are there any books, artists, or musicians that are currently keeping your interest?

I’ve been reading some books by Yogi Ramacharaka which deal primarily with occultism, the seven principles of man, and eastern mysticism. These books aren’t specifically focused on the dark arts but are written from a more all-encompassing view of the Absolute. Much of it stems from the foundation of Yoga and its teachings. However, I believe anyone from any walk of life can use them for his or her own self or selfless interest. The power of the will is real magick.

So I’ve been reading some of that, but honestly, I don’t read as much nowadays as I used to when I was younger. I don’t really have the time, and let me be honest, I am a man of the world and enjoy experiencing it! An interesting note is apparently the books by Ramacharaka were never written by the stated author but were instead the written collaboration between the author’s pupil, Baba Bharata, and a lawyer turned yogi, William Walker Atkinson. These books were written two centuries ago which might lend to its ‘occult’ value.

Adding to this eastern Indian flair, I’ve also been listening to some Ravi Shankar and stuff with Indian female vocals. Ragas have a beautiful expressiveness to them. My knowledge and understanding of Hindu music isn’t as broad as the music of the west. I’m sure what I know is just the tip of their iceberg. Of course being a composer, I can still hear the subtleties of their sound and how moods are created through it. Regardless of my current knowledge, there are many elements from the Hindu musical culture I wish to incorporate into future songs for Avichi.

Lately I’ve also been re-appreciating the mechanical and futuristic vibes from Skinny Puppy. Dark and ominous. As for metal – I’m really into this new Craft album ‘Void’. The power of the riff baby. The essence is so fucking there it’s almost tangible. Seriously this album is amazing. The album cover perfectly depicts how I felt when I woke up this morning…

What is the philosophy behind AVICHI?

Avichi is a spiritual hell brought about by various passions if there exists an attachment to such passions. Sometimes even a hell consciously embraced if need be in the refusal of absolute connection. I’m totally fine with there being a gulf of space between me and my neighbor. The eastern monk might say your fellow human beings are a reflection of you, if perhaps at a lower spiritually evolved state. I still have a problem with seeing the shit of the world reflected in me.

But maybe it is true and we are all connected to one another – each a grain of sand in the infinite desert. It seems pretty shitty to me because there’s so much hideousness and ridiculousness in the world. But I guess if you’re going to have the infinite, you’re bound to end up with what there currently exists at some point. Total chaos sounds like a more desired option to some organized absolute, but even then - who is the Instigator?

From what I’ve recently read, the Absolute, which is The ALL – eternal and all-knowing, has always been and was never the result of a cause. Nothing instigated it. It lies behind the veil of everything, but it is also the veil itself. The mind of man may be able to intuitively perceive of eternity beyond the Universe, but the intellect cannot conceive of it. Thought creates the reality in the Relative – the thoughts of all of us and of course the Universal Mind which is not the Absolute itself but an emanation of it. The Great Mystery is Why the Absolute would so manifest itself to let the universe play out as it so does with you and me in it. I have no answer and neither did the book, but I enjoy the provoking idea.

As there seems to be an upward trend of discarding the conditional, Matter, and embracing the unconditioned, Spiritual, there is the idea that everything is moving in an upward trend back into the Great Flame, a Sun from which each thing is just another ray of light, but all part of the one.

Let’s talk a bit about light. You have the pure white light of understanding and compassion which is what people tend to associate God with. You also have light of a different nature which is the fire created through passions and desire. In all likely-hood they’re probably just opposite sides of the same coin. Both have the potential to dissolve the individual in the end. It’s a great play, and you’re right in the fucking middle of it. Have fun.

This is all just some interesting food for thought. No more. No less. It could be everything I just mentioned is all a lie, there is no Absolute which holds the truth of it all, and everything is just a lie given breath by a lie. I will continue to play my part in life’s drama as I see fit, indulge in what exists thoughtfully, and continue making music however possible regardless. It’s what I do, and what I like to do. You asked me what the philosophy of Avichi is; this is the type of shit I deal with when it comes to Avichi.

How did you decide upon the name AVICHI? In what way did it call to you when searching for the name to represent your expression?

It represented exactly where I was and how I felt during that part of my life.

Profound Lore recently released your newest album, "The Devil's Fractal". What is the significance of its title, and what are some of the themes present within?

I’ve been asked this question a few times already. I’m not sure if my previous answers will match up to this one, but here it goes. It deals with some of the archetypes of Satan, and it emits a strong Luciferian outlook from start to finish. It is about the ego, beaten down, willing to sacrifice and destroy everything in order to preserve itself. Salvation by salivation.

I personally found your first release "The Divine Tragedy" more abstract in nature, where as the "Devil's Fractal" seems to take on a systematic chaos while still retaining that AVICHI style. Was this the result of a natural development, or did you purposely bring the music into a different sphere for this release?

I wished to pay homage to the devil, and I did so as best as circumstances allowed me to.

Do you use any specific techniques when channeling your art; such as meditation, hallucinogenics, or other mild-altering processes or substances?

I read many books dealing with the history of the devil, various personifications of evil, and of course used my own thoughts and experiences from this life. I’ve done my share of hallucinogens when I was younger, but it’s been many years since. I don’t feel they have anything new to show me anymore. The only time I can really picture myself doing some kind of hallucinogen again would be peyote in the desert, or taking the Ayahuasca formula in the Amazon rainforest. If such an experience took place, I would see it as a necessary experience. Honestly, I feel I have the ability to see the truth within without such exterior methods.

I do practice a bit of meditation and yoga breathing exercises. As I was saying, I try not to rely on things outside of me for power.

I recently learned that AVICHI will never perform live. Is this something you might reconsider for the future if the right people were to come along, or are you firm in your resolve to keep Avichi exclusively a recording act?

I’m the only right person. I’m more interested in creating a work of art, pausing briefly, and immediately moving on to a new piece of art. I was always extremely attached to my music in the past, but I’m finally getting over the feeling. This attachment has always been so performance limiting. The quicker discarded the better. I’m open to having guest appearances on the next recordings.

What effect do you hope for AVICHI to have upon those who listen with intent?

I hope to reveal something within themselves they never wished to realize. Or maybe perhaps something they always wished to realize.

At what point in your life did you realize you were drawn to the darker realms of existence?

The moment I eagerly suckled my first breast.

Is there a specific ancient culture, its mythology and/or teachings that fascinate you?

Sorry, I can’t think if anything specific. I see something of myself in all cultures, and that is fascinating unto itself. One thing I would like to add though – we should bring back the gladiatorial age and erect a new Coliseum out of stone. I’d buy season tickets to that.

Thank you for granting me this interview. Any closing remarks?

And now back to drumming…