Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disma - The Vault Of Membros (2009)

Hello folks, how are all you guys doing? First of all, I beg extreme apologies for not keeping Infernal Dominion active since quite a long while now. Curse my stupid college and a pile of incomplete assignments for that.  But now I am finally back on track and all geared to write a review of an absolutely fantastic band which is one of my recent discoveries. The band is called Disma and they are from New Jersey, United States of America. What's the speciality of this band? Scroll down and read.

All the fellow death metal maniacs who have been urging to hear more and more relentless assaults of primitive death metal can be prepared to hear one of the best new congregations in the old school death metal scene. Funebrarum meets Incantation and the result is pure blasphemy!
Disma was founded by Funebrarum's frontman Daryl Kahan and former Incantation guitarist Bill Venner during January 2007 with the intention of creating heavy and morbid death metal. Shawn Eldridge (Funebrarum) joined on drums along with Randy Strokes (Methadrone) on bass. The line-up was complete after the legendary Craig Pillard joined the ranks on vocals.

They recently released a demo entitled as ''The Vault of Membros'' containing three tracks which sound as if they were recorded in Satan's own studio. Their name was derived by the Finnish band Xysma and a lot of their influences include great Finnish bands for example Rippikoulu, Adramelech and Convulse. Disma's brand of death metal is uncompromising and a great amalgam of Finnish and American old school death metal.

Its the perfect treat for the fans of Onward to Golgotha era Incantation. Pillard has relived those memories by an absolutely fiendish vocal performance very much reminiscent of his days with Incantation. A cacophonous twin guitar assualt by Daryl and Bill has been able to grant a raw and dissonant sound to the demo. It feels as if this is one of those obscure gems which spawned out in the early 90's tape trading era. Shawn has been brilliant on drums as excepted after his splendid performance on the latest Funebrarum album. He hasn't blasted as furisously as he did on The Sleep of Morbid Dreams but has delivered a great percussive attack which was appropriate for Disma's pumelling music. Randi's muddy, down tuned bass tone added more fervor to this juggernaut.

It's not very often that a band leaves a staunch impression on oneself just after one listen but Disma have been instrumental in doing that for me. It didn't take much time for me to immerse in the harsh death/doom hymns being blared out of my speakers and it left me hungry for more. Fortunately, they are soon coming with more hellish tunes and I can't wait to hear them. This is going to become a favourite among the appreciators of primitive and ballsy death metal in no time from now. Disma are yet another outfit among the flagbearers of the new wave of old school death metal which have resurrected the glory of those great old days.

If you found this review intriguing, then waste no time in checking out these great guys on Myspace. The demo is available for sale straight away from Daryl Kahan. Check out their Myspace link below for more details