Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aderlating - dying of the light

Jan 2010

Aderlating is a project of Mories, the disturbed, twisted artist behind the overwhelming ‘Gnaw Their Tongues’ and ‘De Magia Veterum’. He has always been one to take extreme music to a new level with an exceptional catalog or original and diverse releases. So, when I heard about this project, I decided to check it out as soon as I could and try to keep my expectations as low as possible lest I be disappointed. But surely, Mories could do no wrong…right? RIGHT. What we have here is Mories delving into a gruesome and corrosive atmosphere with Aderlating playing a mixture of Black Noise, drone and black metal thrown in to create an oppressive environment of torture and vengeance.

The sound here is murky. Murky to the point where you feel its been submerged in a never-ending pit of murkiness, creating a pulse of ugly black noise. Buzzing black metal guitars are submerged into the blurred landscapes. You will find some heavy distorted bass which gives a harsh discordant, noisy tone. The drums are primitive and drive the music brilliantly. There is a section in the second song ‘Soul Harvest’ in which all you can hear is some dark ambiance, slow plodding riffs but fast and bizarre drums. Sounds peculiar and very different and pretty much depicts the madness of the artist. The vocals range from high torturous screams to some mysterious chanting and outright creepy voices. They complement the claustrophobic and the torturous sound of the music perfectly and at times, even add a sense of dread to the overall sound. The synths are stunning. Depicting pain and torture, they are used to awaken fear, psychosis and the agony that has been lodged deep beneath the human soul.

The music here is aimed at total emotional obliteration. You are immediately transported into the mind of a maniacal, unstable individual devoid of reason or logic. You can experience a plethora of emotions ranging from fear to misery. It grabs the attention of the listener. There is never a moment when the listener would be able to draw his breath over a long period of time. Never a moment where he would be calm. This is the total darkness. Highly recommended to people who like chaotic black metal, noise or dark ambient music.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Squash Bowels - Grindvirus

Full Length, Willowtip Records
October 22nd, 2009 

Polish grindgods Squash Bowels returned to action with their 5th studio full length entitled as ''Grindvirus'' which was released in October 2009 on Willowtip Records. The band has been emanating nauseous fumes of goregrind mayhem since the past 15 years now and have developed a cult following of dedicated grind freaks from all over the globe. Them along with Dead Infection are undoubtedly the two best offerings from the Polish underground scene. 

At the time of their inception, the band played an unadulterated brand of old school grindgore with influences ranging from Napalm Death and Carcass but with the progress of time and certain line-up changes, their sound has evolved into a dexterous and upstanding version of awe-inspiring grindcore. 

These days when you have zillions of bands coming up with tasteless and redundant sounding records,  its great to see old bands like Squash Bowels still quenching the thirst for true grindcore with albums like Grindvirus. Going down the memory lane, we have had some spectacular SB releases like ''No Mercy'', ''The Mass Rotting, The Mass Sickening'' and ''Love Songs''; all of them adequately spiced with groove and relentless cacophonies but the new one is a tad different and a step forward from all these above mentions. 

The band followed a staunch goregrind decorum by incorporating your typical pitch shifted gurgles, snarls, ample groove and crushing blasts until their previous album ''No Mercy'' but they have seemed to explore a newer horizon with their latest progeny ''Grindvirus'' where they have dropped the usage of pitch shifted gurgles. Yes! The sonic assaults on the new album rely heavily upon deep growled vocals in-synced perfectly with high pitched snarls and shrieks. The vocal attack is so abrupt and fluent that you wouldn't even consider the absence of the vomited gurgles which we love so dearly. While speaking of the instrumentation, these guys have been able to create their tightest and most subtle record till date in my opinion. Everything on the album sounds spot on there is hardly a dull moment. 
Taking their trademark grooves forward and incorporating more frenetic blasts than before, Squash Bowels have managed to create a mammoth offspring in Grindvirus. Andrez and Artur's individual string attacks have been merciless and insane. The bassline is pretty audible and it works great with the oozing riffage. Carrying forth their trademark style, they have dexterously raised their musical fundamentals to a newer height. Speed hasn't been given away for spontaniety and the instrumental carnage has been dutifully arranged into a proliferating splendor. Even the production is very thick and heavy which plays a prominent factor in making the 28 minutes of pandemonium so enjoyable.  

Its great to see that a band like Squash Bowels isn't afraid of doing some experimentations even after being firmly footed in the grindcore underground and are still getting better with each release. Its a quality possessed by a few bands and its a stern exemplary of the fact that grindcore is still alive and kicking butts. And after playing this menacing record repeatedly and devotedly, I can firmly declare that it has to be one of the best grind albums been released in a long while and would be stuck on my music player for a good amount of time. 

A good advise for all the maniacal grindfreaks:
If you like your grind crunchy and chaotic, then come up, join the fun and spread this terrific virus- The virus of true grindcore.

Official Links:

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dismembering Asia!

Hello sickos!
I am feeling extremely proud to announce that Indian gore assassins Gorified and Gutslit would be sharing stage with American one man brutal death metal machine Putrid Pile along with other Asian brutal death metal, goregrind and grindcore acts and would be playing in Malaysia and Thailand respectively.



Gorified was formed way back in September 2004 when 3 individuals decided to uplift the Indian metal getting sick of the scene/core plague by playing some unadulterated death/goregrind influenced with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Disgorge(U.S/MEX),Deeds of Flesh,Devourment, Foetopsy, Mortician, Impetigo, Autopsy, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and tons of other influential brutal death metal, grind/gore and death/grind bands. They started creating tremors in the Indian scene soon after their inception and started playing local gigs in Bangalore. The turning point of the band came in 2006 when the mighty Sevared Records decided to release their first demo Ruptured in Seconds. The band is also a formidable part of the underground movement of Bangalore along with a few other dedicated goremongers who host this extreme event called as ''The Undergrind Fest''  which unleashes a total putrid assault, featuring the sickest underground death metal and grindcore bands from Bangalore. 

The Dismembering Asia Festival is another milestone in the band's career which should certainly give the best platform to their talent; a place which they certainly deserve. 
Check them out on their Myspace -

Band members
Charles Firman Rozario - Vocals
Ganesh.B.S - Guitars/Bass
Guyome (Pulmonary Fibrosis) - Drums

Ex- Members
Mahran .S. Ali - Drums


Gutslit is a deathgrind band from Mumbai which came into existence in November 2007. It technically is a three piece band and the trio decided to form the most sick,brutal and heavy as fuck music in India. But with scarcity of drummers who are willing or able to play deathgrind in india it was decided that drummers would be taken into the Gutslit camp only if they find someone suitable. So the band was using a drum machine for gigs till november 2008.
They released a split with French goregrinders Pulmonary Fibrosis last February on Cataleptic Remain Records entitled as ''Contorted Mutilation''. 
The band finally got a human drummer in Abhishek Nandi who has now become a formidable part of their line-up and ready to take the gore assault to a newer height. 

And now the band has finally going to represent Indian sickness on an international level with a feature in the ''Return of the Dead Massacre 2010'', Bangkok being presented my Sick Chainsaw Productions with great support from Sevared Records and Jackson Guitars. The band would be sharing stage with Putrid Pile and other Asian underground acts like Lacerate, Intricated and Calamitous. 

Band Members
Nikhil - Vocals
Dynell - Guitar
Gurdip - Bass
Abhishek - Drums

Prepare yourselves people! The Indian underground has finally arrived!