Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vomit The Soul - Apostles Of Inexpression

Full Length, July 2009
Unique Leader Records

Italian Brutal Death Metal trio Vomit the Soul have returned with their latest offering ''Apostles of Inexpression'' which is the band's second full length. They shot into the Italian underground almost a decade back but got attention only after their debut full length in 2005 which was entitled as ''Portraits of Inhuman Abomination''.
After hearing their name for the first time, you'd be reminded of the Cannibal Corpse song from ''Butchered at Birth'' but don't let the name decieve you. Albeit the band was highly influenced by the Floridian pioneers during their earlier days, there is certainly no CC worship going on here but a purely 'slamtastic' performance on AOI which is capable of blowing away your brain into disintegrated fragments.

The 35 minutes juggernaut unleashes 8 tracks oozing with groovy slams and razor sharp technical riffage. The production is sharp, crispy and provides a great substance to the band's compositional skills. The recording was finished way back in April/May 2008 at the 16th Cellar Studios in Rome but it was able to see the light of day only a year after when the band inked a 2 disc deal with American giants Unique Leader records. The cover art done by Marco Hassman also stands apart as a stellar exemplary of splendid graphic imagery.

Speaking of the musicianship being executed on the album, there is a well improved and proficient display of brutal mechanism. The band has certainly raised the bar from their earlier full length and has been able to pull off a more aggressive and vehement performance. Its not very often that you hear a brutal death metal album carrying all ingredients to make it taste spicier and jucier than ever but Apostles of Inexpression is definitely a record which satisfies the urge of BDM maniacs.
The vocals are your average down tuned, exhaled gutturals slightly in vein of Dying Fetus although more throaty and deep, occasional grunts and some nicely executed high pitched squeals. The riffs written by Max (who also handles the vocals) are spectacularly catchy and extravagantly heavy. Being the sole guitarist in the band, his credibility has to be certainly applauded since managing both the lead and rythm sections single handedly and still being able to make such ominous and catchy grooves is certainly not a cakewalk. His guitar armoury relies heavily upon dissonant tremelo picked riffs and efficiently palm muted riffage.

Maurizio has been a beast behind the drum kit providing the spontaniety which this album highly boasts off. Graciously timed blast beats, grooves and double bass sections prodive aptness to the striking riffage. The recording done at 16th Stellar Studios also deserve a special mention behind the percussive efficiencies since the snare and cymbals sound very sonorous and manage not be yet another ''tin can'' drum sound which many of the brutal death metal/goregrind albums possess.

But one of the biggest highlights of this album according to me has to be Andrea's extravagantly rich bass lines! Holy shit! I can't remember the last time I heard a death metal album having such a munching bass line. The bass flows unconstrainedly along with the riffs throughout the album and it gives an orgasmic pleasure whenever I sit down and play this record.
Its quite interesting to see how all the three departments have been able to make a healthy accord with each other and have been able to give a monstrous output. Vomit the Soul have been able to fuse technicality with a straightforward genre like Slam quite suavely and managed to be not just another medicore band whose attempts at experimentation failed miserably and thats the point where I'd like to give them maximum marks.

So, if you still haven't heard this amazing album, then curse yourself for being extremely sluggish and try to give it a listen as soon as you can! I am sure that it'd leave you basking with extacy and your neighbours fuming with angst.

P.S - Emo kids beware! Vomit the Soul are coming to hack you into pieces and mince in a meatgrinder. (Grins ghoulishly!)

Best songs - Overcrowd, Self Perception Veil and Prototypes of Value Incarnation

Final rating - 9/10

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