Friday, April 2, 2010

Indesinence - Noctambulism (2006)

Full Length, Goat of Mendes Records

Noctambulism is the Ist full length by British death/doom ensemble Indesinence. The band started off during late 2001 with mutual influences ranging from old school thrash, black, doom, heavy and European style death metal along with ambient music. With a common aim to spew out some of the most uncompromising extreme metal from UK, they released their first release ''Ecstatic Lethargy'', a demo CD in 2003 and later an EP entitled as ''Neptunian'' in 2006. The very same year, ''Noctambulism'' saw the light of day and took the UK underground with storm. Raging like a vile beast, the album architectures  somber scenarios for over an hour and extinguishes the burning flames of sanity with its cold and morbid ecstacy. 

Featuring some of the best death/doom symphonies you'd ever hear during this decade, this record is a straight-forward Evoken and diSEMBOWELMENT worship and yet it greatly manages to be not just another shameless ''clone'' but instead. a very intelligent and inspiring collection of cacophonous dark rhythms. The amount of heaviness which it boasts off is awe-inspiring with insane riffs, blasting straight off on your ears and giving no room to recover from their menacing onslaught. What really intrigues me is an avid usage of darkened acoustic riffs which flow beautifully along with the abysmally heavy rhythms which adds a subtle dimensionality to the overall musical feel. Juxtapositioned with an enduring vocal and percussive devastation and a sharp and crispy production, it comes out to be an overwhelming listening experience. An experience which would rape your happiness and drown you in surreal state of melancholy which would continue to haunt you forever and ever! 

So If you like your doom criminally underrated and uncompromisingly heavy, Noctambulism would be just the perfect erotic pleasure for your ears. 


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