Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maniac Butcher - Masakr (2010)

Full Length, Negative Existence

It's been quite some time since a review has surfaced from me. I decided for this one to do it completely left field and cover one of my favorite black metal bands of all time, Maniac Butcher. In the swirl of past bands reuniting and putting out new records as of late, the return of the Czech legends Maniac Butcher was swept under the rug. Perhaps if this album would've came out a few years ago it would be received differently as I feel it wasn't great timing. Oddly enough, I happened to find news of this CD just doing a random search online for one of their discs. Their last record was Epitaph released almost 10 years ago. Indeed! 10 years and Maniac Butcher has released the ultra furious and heavy "Masakr" to show the younger bands how black metal is played. This CD is full of energy and Maniac Butcher are kicking ass just as much on this release as they did in 1995 with their debut "Barbarians". The difference on this album is that they stray away from their cryptic, raw production on this record to make way for a more modern-clearer sound. However, even though it is clearer it is not overbearing or over triggered in any way. This may or may not alienate fans of the past CD's but make no mistake, the riffs and vocals on this record accommodate for the polished sound. They are still misanthropic in the Maniac Butcher element. Songs such as "Rozhodnutí..." and the title track "Masakr" are headbangers and don't sound out of place on the "Epitaph" or "Cerná Krev" albums. What I must say is a huge improvement are the vocals and the hatred is felt throughout all 6 tracks on this album. Whatever tribulations hindered Maniac Butcher in their absence, it is truly heard on "Masakr"...and in true Maniac Butcher fashion, the record is a relentless half hour assault with plenty of room for repeating and neck recovery time with all the songs and lyrics sung in their native language. This is their 7th full length record and it has not tarnished their name whatsoever. It fits perfect in their discography and with time may be my favorite Maniac Butcher record. I'm quite sure this album will go overlooked with tons of black metal releases coming out but for fans of the old school who want it raw with a modern edge then get this. It is Maniac Butcher in its purest form and quite a breath of fresh air to hear this style sound genuine with so many new bands trying to reinvent the sound. They haven't missed a beat and have maintained their roots without jeopardizing their feeling of the previous albums. Don't think twice!!!


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