Monday, August 1, 2011

Kerasphorus - Necronaut

Full Length, Nuclear War Now! 
Kerasphorus was a Pete Helmpkamp driven blackened death metal band which disbanded very soon after its inception in 2009. Nothing new for Pete as most of his bands are often short lived. “Necronaut” was released ‘posthumously’ by “Nuclear War Now! Productions” in May 2011 as a 12” EP on black or clear vinyl and the two tracks featured on this release are severely punishing and dark. Now what else do you expect from a Helmkamp/J. Read collaboration? Pete’s vocals sound filthy and malicious as ever. His bass lines have also done justice to B. Wolaniuk’s dissonant and razor sharp riffs. J. Read has again proven his mettle as a perfect drummer for this style of extreme metal by executing a suave performance on his hell kit.
You would definitely hear an obvious Angelcorpse vibe here, though the musical arrangements are tad chaotic at times. The only complain I have here is that this is merely an 11 minute EP and the band failed to stick together for at least a full length. Albeit their debut “Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn” was longer and darker, “Necronaut” also seems to be at par with these veterans’ might and is a worthy contender for any blackened death metaller’s collection. Go get it now!
7.5/10: Dark and ugly enough to drive your grandma nuts.

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