Monday, August 1, 2011

Mitochondrion - Parasignosis

Full Length, Profound Lore Records

A band name as unusual and seemingly bizarre as ‘Mitochondrion’ might seem a bit odd to a few, especially to those who aren’t aware of these bestial Canadians. But let me tell you that this album is definitely one of the most disgusting releases you can ever hear. Its SO disgustingly heavy and chaotic, that it can easily demolish an entire scene with its gargantuan demeanor.

It is a well known fact that Canada has always been a major contributor to the underground extreme metal scene and has constantly churned out a lot of fantastic and unique-sounding bands. If Blasphemy taught the world how to play militaristic and uncompromising ‘‘war’‘ metal, then Cryptopsy wrote a new chapter in the codex gigas of death metal, stating new norms of playing intricate and complex brutal death metal.

When it comes to Mitochondrion, it is not just another ‘‘addition’‘ to the the abyssic pits of Canada’s extreme metal dungeon, but it is an addition to the art of extreme metal itself. I wouldn’t have made this bold statement until and unless I seriously acknowledged this fact after a thorough analysis, composing of many attentive listens. This young band, which started back in 2003 started to make an impression in the Canadian underground, with the release of their demo ‘‘Through Cosmic Gaze’‘ in 2006. The highly technical and brooding dark undertones on that demo turned a lot of heads and this encouraged the band to write their first full-length – the mighty ‘‘Archaeaeon’‘.

This release saw the light of day in August, 2008 and left my jaw split wide open with disbelief. That was the first time when I got acquainted with the band’s music and it simply rendered me speechless. Such was the dexterity and musical brilliance on that album, that I had started hailing these young turks as the next big thing in the underground, with a good reason of course.

‘‘Archaeaeon’‘ had unleashed a platter of destructive riff orgies, coupled with an insanely low guttural vocal assault, intertwined with an equally insane and nefarious high-pitched shriek and stupendous drumming. It was an amazingly weird album, consisting of complex and unexpected time signatures, subtle atmospheric melodies and an intensely heavy and raw production. It was an independent release which was limited to 666 copies, reflecting a somewhat clichéd attempt at being kvlt but heck, the album got sold out in a limited time after its release.

After making quite a staunch impression with their kvlt strategies and gruesome sonic assaults with the first two releases, these occult worshipers are back with their latest magnum opus, cryptically entitled as ‘‘Parasignosis’‘. Clocking at almost one hour, this album has certainly taken Mitochondrion’s trademark sound to a newer realm altogether and ensured more worries for my ears and jaw. There are certain times where I am bound to say Fuck you Mitochondrion, I have to salvage my hearing ability! but then, I so love to get destroyed. Its dilemmasizing, but for the sweet bastard I am, I let Mitochondrion annihilate myself.

‘‘Parasignosis’‘ is an enigmatic voyage to the unknown realms of this world. It’s an esoteric collection of pestilential hymns which only assures of an impending apocalypse. What leaves me so astonished is the way in which just an usual concoction of two guitars, vocals and drums have been able to construct such a heaving mass of audio terror. It almost gives me a feeling which a band like Portal possesses, but this is just much more brutal and superior.

The instrumentation has been given a stellar importance on ‘‘Parasignosis’‘. Cacophonous and eerie riffage has been heavily emphasized and the subtle melodies of “Archaeaeon” are totally gone. Sharp and turbulent low-end tremolos, pinch harmonics, incessantly heavy palm muted riffs and militaristic percussion are the instrumental arsenal on the album. These sterile elements have been fused so grotesquely that it churns an unfathomably evil and bombastic sound.

The songs are usually over five minutes long, for the exception of the intros (Part I and II) and the interlude, and they consist of a plethora of riff orgies which are carved in a highly unorthodox manner. Such is the musical execution that it just doesn’t allow the listener to get a slightest idea of the upcoming signatures. These oddities have been beautifully put together to manifest a disharmonic and highly discordant maelstrom of abstract death metal. Tracks like ‘‘Tetravirulence (Pestilentiam Intus Vocamus, Voluntatem Absolvimus Part III)’‘, ‘‘Trials’‘, ‘‘Parasignosis’‘ and ‘‘Banishment’‘ are stellar examples of these innovative and shockingly unorthodox structures.

Mitochondrion have successfully been able to carve a niche in the underground death metal scenario with their brand of elite and experimental dark death metal, especially with “Parasignosis” and I can’t recommend this enough to the appreciators of bands like Portal and Impetuous Ritual. This release is a perfect example of how experimentation and technicality should be employed. The ardent followers of the abominable trend of fretboard wankery-induced ‘‘technical’‘ death should better be exposed to the ritual executions of “Parasignosis”. This is how it is done lads! Learn the art of splendorous death metal craftsmanship from the mighty Mitochondrion or else leave the hall NOW!

Now, since you have stopped reading this essay, then make a move and get this fucking release!

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