Friday, April 27, 2012

Exclusive Audio Conversation With Dutch Avant-Garde Black Metal Band Dodecahedron

Infernal Dominion, India presents yet another exclusive conversation for your enlightenment, this time with Dutch avant-garde black metal luminaries Dodecahedron who have been making waves with their ground breaking self titled debut album which unleashed a bizarre mixture of sound synthesis influenced with modern contemporary classical composers like Ligeti and electronic composers like Jaap Vink; and dissonant, harrowing black metal which was a means to create sounds which were abysmal and extremely unnerving.

I got in touch with their guitarist/composer Michel Nienhuis and vocalist/lyricist Michiel Eikenaar for this mind-numbing, almost one and a half hour long intense conversation about various topics ranging from DDCHDRN's impressive aesthetic/concept, lyrical and musical visions, philosophy, religion and most importantly the basis of creative freedom in art.

If you are seeking for intelligent, unabridged and enlightening conversations rather than an average, cliched 'metal' interview, then this is what you should listen to. Not for the close-minded!

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